International Entry Form


The competition will take place August 8, 2018 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Online Entry deadline is July 16th, delivery of your entry is required by July 20th, either to Dominic Rivard if entry is Canadian, or to the competition U.S. address if from another non-U.S. country.


All alcoholic beverages made from fruits (except 100% grape wines) are eligible, including mead, cider and perry, still or sparkling fruit wines, including blends with grape wine, botanicals like dandelion wine, and any distilled spirits made from fruit or mead. Fruit-flavored wines where proprietary fruit flavor concentrates are added to a grape based wine, are not eligible. Entries in the fruit classes (see class list) must have been fermented from this fruit (ameliorated as needed). Multi-fruit blended wines should use the class #302.


$65.00 per entry, payable in U.S. dollars, payable by Mastercard/Visa via PayPal. If you do not own the credit card being charged, be sure to get permission from the card holder before making the charge (Drink Outside the Grape is a dba of “Richard Leahy Enterprises”. If you do own the card, be sure no other winery officials are making simultaneous charges for DOTG entries.


Entries will be judged blind on a 20-point scale by industry professionals. Awards will be given for Best of Category, Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Best of Category awards are given to the top scoring Fruit Wine, Cider, Mead and Spirits entries. Medallions of the award level with neck ribbons to hang on bottles will be mailed to the entrants when received from the manufacturer (medals can take six weeks to produce).

The list of award medalists will be posted online at and entrants will be notified by e-mail of their medalist entries within a week of the competition.


For shipping/delivery: Canadian entrants, please coordinate with Dominic Rivard,, for getting one bottle/container of your entry to them by July 20th at the latest. All others, please coordinate with your U.S. importer/distributor to ship two bottles of your entry to the U.S. address by July 20th to: DOTG c/o 105 Danbury Court, Charlottesville, VA 22902, U.S.A. For shipping, please use thick cardboard shipping containers with high R-value insulation to avoid heat and impact damage, not ordinary case boxes. Check with authorized shippers for their container specifications. Be sure you have the proper permit to ship alcoholic beverages before shipping.

Online entry only via this page for non-U.S. entries. *Entries are not official until full payment for each entry has been received. Entry fees are non-refundable. Be sure to read the list of classes carefully and code your entry with its correct class. The competition will not be responsible if entries are coded incorrectly by the entrant. Entrants may petition to receive scanned copies of judge notes. Signature of the entering official on the entry form certifies that the entry is accurate as described, and the entrant is responsible for the accuracy of entry descriptions. Entries or shipped bottles that arrive after deadline cannot be guaranteed entry in the competition. All bottles/containers entered become the property of the DOTG competition. All entries must be commercially available to the public at the time of entry. No refunds for cancellations can be made after the close of registration or shipping deadlines.