Isn’t it time your fine fruit wines, ciders and meads got the respect they deserve at wine judgings? Now, they can… at the Drink Outside the Grape Competition.

Fruit wines, ciders, meads (pyments, cysers, melomels and friends) are welcome as entries, as well as sparkling fruit wines and any fruit brandies or eaux-de-vie.

This competition will not feature conventional grape-based wines, to remove the chance of that judging bias. Grape-based wines blended with fruit wine are eligible.

All wines will be judged in classes of their type, in order of residual sweetness.

The Drink Outside the Grape competition is chaired by Richard Leahy, who ran the International Eastern Wine Competition for 10 years, now runs the Eastern Winery Exposition conference program, and is an authority on wines of Eastern North America. He has the expertise and the understanding to give your fine fruit wines, ciders and meads the respect they deserve in a dedicated category wine competition judged by open-minded industry professionals.